Breaking Festival
Zurich, Switzerland

7–10th September 2023
  • Kids / Workshops
    • Location: Tanzdach / Foyer / Grosser Saal, Dynamo

      Hip Hop - Puppet theater / Being different is good!

      When: 9. September / 12 noon, 3 pm
      Who: age 4 and over
      Where: Foyer, Dynamo
      Price: 10.-
      Language: German

      Hip Hop - Puppet theater
      Under the newly founded company Toyz, a puppet theater was created last year in connection with hip hop culture, on the theme of "being different". The play is intended for children aged 4 - 7 years and lasts about 40 minutes. The children get an insight into the hip hop world, get to know the different characters and are made aware of the topic of being blind with the character of the mole. In addition to the characters and speaking voices of the puppeteers, beatbox and music are used. After the play, the children get the chance to look behind the scenes, talk to the puppets or try themselves out as puppeteers. In addition, there will be a short beatbox workshop and the children can consciously rediscover their sense of touch with various objects and Braille.


      The children's day is fully booked. Only waiting list possible.

      When: 10th September, 10am - 5pm
      Where: Tanzdach, Dynamo
      Who: 1.-6. Graders
      Price: 60.- ( Two kids 100.- )

      The children's day offers a maximum of 30 children of primary school age the opportunity to get to know the dance styles of breaking and popping for a whole day. Inputs on graffiti writing and other handicraft moments will provide variety. A day full of Hip Hop elements for 1st-6th graders. At the end, the children will show what they have learned to their parents and friends. Two dance coaches and one supervisor will accompany the children through the day. Fun comes first.

      Pre registration only!

      Performance: 4:30pm Tanzdach, Dynamo
      Sign in: til 3th September 2023
      Deposit: Bank Linth
      IBAN: CH92 0873 1540 1745 1200 3
      Account: Breakthrough Dance Company, Kindertag

      Your child is only registered after the registration form has been filled out and the payment has been made. The date of receipt of payment will be taken into account. Insurance is up to the participants.

      For Questions:

      The children's day is fully booked. Only waiting list possible.


      Free Family workshop!
      When: 09th September, 11 am - 12 noon
      Where: Tanzdach, Dynamo
      Price: Free!

      As every year, the unique free family workshop will take place. Mom, Dad, Uncle or Cousin is welcome to come with the Kids and join the fun.

      Advanced Workshop with Hijack (USA)
      This Workshop is for advanced Breakers…

      When: 10th September, 1pm - 2pm
      Where: Grosser Saal, Dynamo
      Price: 15.-

      Born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii Bboy Hijack is known for his love of music and dynamic style. Bboy Hijack represents the 808 Breakher‘s crew and floorgangz worldwide traveling around the world surfing the sounds of the music, following tradition and foundation.

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