Breaking Festival
Zurich, Switzerland

7–10th September 2023
  • Make A Change

    • The socio-cultural project Make a change is part of Breakthrough, which offers artists the opportunity to use the festival as a platform to present their work and make a name for themselves.

      Our long-standing collaboration with the Breakdance Project Uganda has led us this year to the project "She is Hip Hop".

      About She is Hip Hop

      Hip Hop and other art forms are used as tools to empower girls and women to innovate and lead as well as bring together people of different backgrounds to share and exchange practical skills, knowledge, developmental ideas, and inspiration in various areas of life.

      These are some of the activities/programs run by She is Hip Hop:

      > Free regular skills-based workshops such as dance, music, poetry, writing, art, and craft as well as discussions such as menstrual health and hygiene, mental health, raising awareness about human rights to mention a few.

      > Outreach programs in different communities within Uganda

      > An annual hiphop festival dubbed She is Hiphop Festival Our annual hiphop festival highlights and showcases female artists, educators, and positive role models. The festival showcases performances in music, dance, poetry, and beatboxing; run workshops in dance, visual arts, crafts making, and live painting; and lead discussions on mental health and gender-based violence, and women’s and girls’ empowerment, among others. They have successfully held three She Is Hiphop festivals in 2019, 2022 and in 2023.

      > Free online dance classes taught by female dance instructors from different parts of the world from countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal USA, UK, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Switzerland, Haiti, Canada to mention a few.

      We are grateful for any financial support of the project She is Hip Hop.

      Bank Linth
      Konto: Make a change
      Iban: CH22 0873 1540 1745 1200 2

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