Breaking Festival
Zurich, Switzerland

7–10th September 2023
  • Artroom

    • Location: Probebühne / Dynamo

      9th September / 12 noon – 10pm
      10th September / 10am – 6pm

      Exhibition - Wongwannawat (2FaceBattle)
      The photographer Parinya Wongwannawat has led the Swiss breakdance scene in his time as a Bboy and has participated in international battles with his crew Ghost Rocks for many years. In 2009 he created the 2Face Battle, which took place at the beginning every month at the Dynamo and later more sporadically and also at different locations. Today the 2Face Battle still exists and is part of Zurich's breaking history. The exhibition is entirely dedicated to the 2Face Battle and the Zurich breaking scene.

      Exhibition – 50 years of Hip Hop
      One corner of the Artroom is entirely dedicated to the theme of 50 years of Hip Hop.

      “LIV” silent performance - Bboy Issue (KR)
      9th September / 5:50 pm

      Korean-born Kwang Suk Park, known by the stage name, Bboy Issue, has collaborated with choreographer Kaori Ito to create this very special 20 minute performative solo. Issue's unique movement quality mixes with Butoh technique to take you on an emotional journey through a lifetime. The performance is carried solely by Issue's movements, expression and his voice and stands out strongly from the Battles and other performances at Breakthrough due to its very abstract character.

      Panel "Crew"
      10th September / 1:30 pm

      Together with people from the community the topic "Crew" is discussed. Experiences, opinions and stories find their place here! This panel is about illuminating different key points and weighing up arguments. The audience is also allowed to have their say and contribute their views. The goal is not to conclude the panel with a concrete solution, but rather to stimulate inspiration and thought experiments. It is also important to us at Breakthrough to focus on the personal conversation and to counteract the, so visual, art form as well as today's age of social media and to create real connections and time also for verbal exchange through the conversation.

      Breakfast Club - Network Meeting
      10th September / 10am - 12:30 pm

      On Sunday mornings, people from the national and international scene get together for a common exchange and a cozy breakfast with coffee and croissants. A lively exchange between people from different corners of Switzerland and abroad should be generated in the cozy atmosphere of the Breakfast Club. Where are there best-case models? Where could adjustments be made? Who has ideas for a new project? Who has connections to a theater or a festival? Who wants to share their philosophical thoughts with someone? Exchange, network and grow together is the motto here!

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